Luxembourg Forest and City Weekend

After 2 successful city races in 2017 and 2018 Luxembourg OC brought an combined forest and city race weekend in 2021. Middle distance race in Bambësch forest and Saturday and long distance city race in Luxembourg at Sunday. The city race was part of the City Race European Tour. Normally this will attract a lot of runners from UK. This year the international guest were mainly from continental Europe.
Saturday was in nice open runnable forest we some steep valleys and technical areas. The nice forest leads to a lot of direct running.
Sundays main race area covers the old town, Rham and Kirchberg plateau and the Alzette valley. This means old town, fortifications, some modern parts, a little forest and a lots of climbing. Route choice were tricky and often it wasn´t easy even to find a route. Elite course has 38 controls, ~15.2 km to run and 310 m to climb. So it was hard to keep up concentration other the whole race.
It´s definitely worth to run in Luxembourg city so keep an eye on upcoming events.
You can find all information’s about the weekend on Luxembourg OC homepage.