Happy New Orienteering Year

Are you ready for 2024 season? I have a few plans, even I still wait for my vacation days to be confirmed. My plans are the 3 Lions Cup in the North of Baden-Württemberg at the first weekend of March.
The Bavarian Forest 5 Days. Germany’s only annual multiday event. This year it will take place from 6th to 10th July.
Next race will be the WMOC in Turku from 2nd to 9th August. I will to race for any medals (or in the A final), but a high class event in Finland will always be worth to travel.
And finally the Hungaria Kupa. It will take place in Vértes from 15th to 20th August and will be the EOC spectator race. It’s close to the terrain of WMOC 2021 and I will be happy to come back.
So maybe we will meet at any of the events.

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